Aswich Electric launched a special DC Circuit Breaker in enclosure for 1500V PV System


For a long time, high power generation cost has been one of the main reasons restricting the development of PV industry. How to reduce the power generation cost of PV system and improve power generation efficiency has become the core issue of PV industry. 1500V means lower system cost. PV modules, DC switches and other parts, especially inverters, play a vital role. The research on 1500V PV system led by inverter manufacturers has increasingly become a technical hotspot in the industry. Therefore, it is a trend to develop 1500V related PV products.


Compared with 1000V system, the voltage is increased to 1500V, which puts forward higher technical requirements for performance, withstand voltage and reliability of circuit breakers, disconnectors and other components. Aswich Electric has always been committed to providing complete PV protection products. In view of this new industry development trend, Aswich  Electric has launched PV DC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (1500V 630A) to help users reduce investment costs, simplify project construction and improve equipment reliability. "


500V  EMD3 Series PV DC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker





The 500V DC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker EMD3-250, EMD3-250/EL developed by Aswich  Electric has a rated current covering 80A-250A and a rated voltage of 500VDC. Ensure that the solar PV system, including the battery, operates well and efficiently, and can provide effective overload and short-circuit protection for the DC of the PV system. It is no need to reduce the capacity for application at an altitude of 4000 meters, and its supporting external waterproof box can reach the protection grade of IP66.

1500V  EM3DP-U DC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker for PV System




It is a Moulded Case Circuit Breaker developed by Aswich for Solar PV System DC 1500V application. Its rated current covers 250A-630A, and its rated limit short-circuit breaking capacity can reach 10kA under GB14048.2 standard and 25kA under IEC60947-2 PV application standard of DC Moulded Case circuit breaker. It is suitable for all types of PV power stations and can be installed in Switch gear and inverter cabinet, Meet all Isolation requirements on site and provide effective overload and short circuit protection for DC of PV applications, Battery System and Energy Storage System.


 The superior performance of PV protection products of Aswich Electric has been recognized by PV inverter manufacturers all over the world, and it is one of the first choices of PV distribution system.